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Front Desk Customer Service Representative

Company: RNSL Management
Location: Panama City
Posted on: May 16, 2022

Job Description:

Job DescriptionSalary: Opening and Closing Procedures. Open the A&FRC Front Desk:Turn on lights, fans, and equipment; log computers onto main menus; stock printerswith paper; and ensure daily sign-in log is current.Inventory computer equipment at the beginning of each shift. Report loss or damageto the Equipment Custodian within 30 minutes.Ensure adequate housekeeping is accomplished each day to maintain a neat, clean,organized and professional environment at all times through cleaning and organizing This includes updating resource racks and shelves as new materials becomeavailable, discarding outdated material, and ensuring materials are in correct locations.This also includes straightening materials, removing trash, wiping furnituredown as necessary, removing, or relocating to appropriate location non-A&FRCmarketing materials, dusting, straightening papers, cleaning surfaces/floors. Close the A&FRC Front Desk:Police each area daily for general cleanliness.Clear tables/workstationsEmpty recycling boxes and remove trashTurn off equipment, fans and lights Inventory computer equipment at the end of each shift. Report loss or damage tothe Equipment Custodian within 30 minutes. Secure windows and doors of the room/buildingRecords Management / File ManagementEmployee shall comply with AFI 33-322, Records Management Program,paragraphs 7 and 10; DoD Regulation 5400.7 Air Force Supplement, Freedom of InformationAct; and AFI 33-332, Privacy Act Program. Disposition of records shall be in accordance withAir Force Records Information Management System (AFRIMS) schedule. The Airman andFamily Readiness Center Point of Contact (POC) will review all records, paper and electronic,to ensure requirements of the Records Management Program, Freedom of Information ActProgram, and Privacy Act Program, are met. All records and files created and maintained shallremain the property of the Government and shall be returned to the Government uponcompletion or termination and under conditions of this contract.General Office Duties: Perform troubleshooting on computers, printers, TVs, and DVD players, includingkeeping printers loaded with paper, clearing paper jams, changing toner cartridges, ensuringcables are connected, assisting with using remote controls, providing customers know how touse the equipment. Ensure printer/copier is always supplied with paper and toner, notifying A&FRC Chief orNCOIC when more supplies are required. Perform administrative duties to include printing, copying/collating, folding, stapling, andenvelope stuffing/addressing/mailing.Material Control: Monitor use of materials and make recommendations when necessary for acquisition ofadditional materials or safeguarding any stock.Catalog new material and shelve material in appropriate areas.Be familiar with print and video materials for services provided by A&FRC and be ableto assist clients in locating and selecting appropriate resource materials based on their needs.Ensure that any materials borrowed from A&FRC are documented and properly tracked ifthey are to be returned.Check-in/out resource materials. Verify authorized patrons through use of military/familymember/civilian ID card prior to issuing resource materials. Make telephone calls to recovermaterials not returned within the established time frame.Shall routinely collect, maintain and display updated training, educationand outreach materials provided by AFRC Program Managers within the front office andhallway areas of the AFRC. These materials include, but are not limited to: listings of servicesand resources, reports, surveys, brochures and flyers.Shall safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorized reading,printing, retaining, copying or dissemination of information, messages, or correspondence inaccordance with rules and regulations such as those covered by the Privacy Act, 5 USC 552(a),Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Public Law 104-191, and DoD Directive6025.18.Computer Management: The contractor employee shall: Conduct weekly checks of client computer usage, ensuring that computers are being usedfor job search functions, relocation issues, deployment contacts, and not for unauthorizedInternet sites. Ensure computer workstations are clean, neat, and orderly. Wipe down computerworkstations and computers daily. Ensure Anti-Virus scans are performed daily. Enforcecomputer usage rules.Clear user CAC/PKI certificates from Internet Explorer at least weekly on customer usedcomputers.Clear the temporary Internet files folder weekly.Maintain network integrity. Permit only authorized users to access the Quality of LifeNetwork (QoLNET) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) accounts. Notify equipment custodian of any hardware relocation within the A&FRC.General Client Services.Provide customer service support for both walk-in clients and callers. Theemployee shall attend to the needs of all clients who visit the center to obtain services.Shall provide information and/or referral services to all clients asnecessary based on their specific needs. Services offered by the AFRC include but arenot limited to: financial, parenting, relationship problems, change management,transitioning, careers, and relocation information. The employee shall schedule all client support services provided by AFRC on andoff Tyndall AFB as required by Program Managers on a daily basis at the time ofcustomer request. The employee shall be responsible for enrolling all military members, civilianemployees, retirees and family members in appropriate programs as required to fulfilltheir needs. Guidelines will be provided by the AFRC staff to the contractor that identify the nature of each program for proper enrollment in programs based on specific customerneeds. Schedule all customer appointments with the appropriate personnel within theAFRC. Issue vouchers or coupons to qualified customers for special programs such as Car Careor other similar type of special promotional or morale related programs. Provide assistance to customers faxing approved documents.Documentation.Document accountability statistics and resource use, to include the following:Maintain sign-in logs for the A&FRC computer room. Ensure each client signs thelog upon arrival. File current logs as well as those from the previous fiscal year in theA&FRC.Maintain accountability statistics on client-used resources. Develop charts, logs,and statistical summaries as directed by A&FRC management. Maintain notebooks and literature, ensuring Core Compliance A&FRC staff arenotified when materials need to be replenished. Document client contact statistics and resource use in Air Force Family IntegratedResults Statistical Tracking (AFFIRST) daily. Complete reports and accounting on programs, give briefings/status updates whenneeded, ensure programs meet AMC guidelines, establish/recommend changes andmanage personnel/data associated with programs. AFFIRST Data Collection, Management and ReportsThe contractor employee is responsible for timely updates and accuracy of AFFIRSTdata, files and records. Higher headquarters may require reports regarding functions of theA&FRC Management. AFFIRST data entry is required for each A&FRC customer.The employee shall utilize centralized database (AFFIRST) and appropriateforms to track clients, types of services utilized, and service materials distributed. employee shall utilize centralized database (AFFIRST) to sign-up orregister A&FRC clients for services, workshops and programs.The employee shall document the recommendations and registrations forvarious AFRC programs provided by AFRC staff members in AFFIRST by the 5th day of eachmonth. Inputs statistical data received by AFRC staff members related to the AFRC's training,8 education and outreach programs by the 5th day of each month. Meetings.Attend and record weekly A&FRC staff meetings to ensure compliance with agencyvision, mission. Typed staff meeting minutes will be completed/provided NLT 2 working daysafter staff meeting for distribution to A&FRC personnel.Meet with A&FRC leadership as needed to address concerns with the A&FRC.Provide administrative support to assist with scheduling meetings and conferences at theAirman & Family Readiness Center, ordering of forms and publications and preparation ofnon-sensitive documents and records.A&FRC General Customer Service Responsibilities: The contractor employee shall beresponsible for ensuring the following key tasks are accomplished: Greet customers, conduct initial intake and provide necessary information or makeappropriate referrals to A&FRC staff or external agency. Ensure all customers are logged in toAFFIRST and/or have signed in for computers in Discovery Center. Ensure all customersvisiting the A&FRC complete and sign the Statement of Understanding forms. Until process isautomated, will scan all signed consent forms into AFFIRST. Ensure all customers sign into the A&FRC to document usage of A&FRC programs andequipment. Answer A&FRC phone line within three (3) rings whenever possible, assist callers withA&FRC services and class information and registration if requested, and direct calls to anappropriate staff member. Make relevant CRC/CRS appointment bookings on the customer'sbehalf. Provide the necessary information or make appropriate referral services to clientsseeking assistance with parenting, relationship, transition, employment, relocation, and all otherA&FRC and external agency services.Coordinate with A&FRC personnel when necessary to ensure customers receive correctinformation and are referred to appropriate resources and assistance.Assist with the administration of Personnel Readiness Inventory (PRI) or future A&FRCassessment tool along with Statement of Understanding to all customers arriving in A&FRCwaiting for appointments with Community Readiness Consultant or Technicians (CRC/CRT).Provide Information and Referral (I&R) assistance to phone and walk-in customers, andother phone customers in the absence of the Community Readiness Assistant when needed,directing customers to appropriate A&FRC staff member as necessary.Assist customers with the A&FRC computer bank (e.g. showing websites' location,9 helping them log on, assisting them load paper into the printer, etc.).Assist clients with minor technical questions concerning use of computer programs andformatting of materials to be printed, such as but not limited to resumes and OF-612, JobApplication Form. More in-depth requirements will be referred to A&FRC POC.Provide orientations of the A&FRC for walk-in customers and workshop participants.Update and provide handouts as appropriate.Provide knowledgeable information regarding referral agencies to include, but notlimited to, www.MilitaryHomefront.dod.mil and www.MilitaryOneSource.com.Ensure all clients fill out the sign-in log at the reception area. Provide COR a monthlyclient usage report in an established format no later than the fifth working day of the followingmonth.Assist any clients with questions concerning use of computer programs loaded ontocustomer computers.Perform general maintenance and backup tasks for all non-network computers.Post new job listings as received and purge outdated listings weekly on the A&FRCEmployment Board.Maintain notebooks and literature, ensuring Core Compliance A&FRC staff arenotified when materials need to be replenished.Check in and catalog new reference materials within one week of receipt, developfiling system for all resources, and make recommendations for ordering additional or updatedresources. Input and track A&FRC visits in the AFFIRST data tracking system as neededthroughout the day. Inventory items upon initial assumption of duties and continue to track inventory ofitems, notifying NCOIC or Chief of A&FRC when items are damaged, lost, stolen, and needreplacement.Ensure all items checked out from A&FRC are recorded in AFFIRST, and thatcustomers have completed lending agreements for items on file and in their possession.Verify authorized patrons through use of military/family member/civilian ID card priorto issuing items. Prepare and send appropriate reminder memos to customers regarding return ofchecked out items and materials. Assist A&FRC staff with official office correspondence and routine (non-personal)office practices. If such tasks take FDCSR from the designated working area, staff mustprovide coverage.Transition Assistance Program (TAP).Administer timely and accurate input of congressionally mandated documentation forthe Transition Assistance Program. The employee is responsible for the precise collection,information, inventory, maintenance, and tracking of all forms within the Transition AssistanceProgram (eform DD Form 2648; workshop rosters in appointment Plus and AFFIRST;inventory of all TAP workshop materials, handouts, and guides).In coordination with the TAP Core Compliance Expert, the employee reviews theattendance registration for TAP workshops, creates and disseminates pertinent information andinquiries to program participants to collect and enter data for statistical reports and TAPworkshop registration. Inputs customer information to Air Force Family Integrated Reportingand Statistical Tracking (AFFIRST) system and DMDC.OSD.MIL (DoDTAP).5.2.9 Assistmembers with signing up for TAP workshops as a walk-in, e-mail or telephone assist.QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCEMust have working knowledge of software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, Outlook in order to input lists, records, or other data points into electronic format. Must be proficient in typing (40 WPM), spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Must have knowledge of Microsoft OfficeProfessional Suite (building Power Point presentations, creating/maintaining Excel spread sheetsand Word documents). Must be acquainted with event planning and military protocol, possess good customer service and interpersonal skills, execute discretion, good judgment, time management, and have the ability to work independently. Must also be familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a customer support and business environment. Must be able to speak, write, and understand the English language fluently in a social service environment.Education Requirements:High School Diploma

Keywords: RNSL Management, Tallahassee , Front Desk Customer Service Representative, Sales , Panama City, Florida

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